Available in Indian Remy, Beauty Works & Remi Cachet


The LA Weave is the most popular method especially for first time extension wearers. The Weave is the easiest method to look after as it is only 2-3 rows of hair fitted.

The LA Weave gives you maximum thickness without having lots of extensions fitted. 

The LA Weave is refitted in only 1-1.5 hours and requires refits every 6-10 weeks depending on your hair growth. 

The LA Weave is not suitable for very fine hair. 

The LA Weave is fitted by creating a row of mini sections secured by silicone lined micro rings and the wefts are sewn around the rings to secure.

tape fitting

Available in Indian Remy, BeautyWorks, Russian Mongolian & Remi Cachet 


Tapes are one of the most popular methods as they lay super flat to the head and are a fast fitting. 

Tapes are available in standard tape tops or invisitape tops where the hair comes from the top to bottom. 

Tapes are fitted every 8-10 weeks depending on hair growth and are removed and refitted over 2 appointments. Your first appointment is for removal and your second appointment 1-2 days later you have them refitted. 

Tapes are fitted by taking a section of your hair matching the tape width and thickness, placing a tape piece underneath and a tape piece over the top of the section and sealing creating a hair sandwich.


Available in Indian Remy, BeautyWorks, Russian Mongolian & Remi Cachet 


Keratin bonds are one of the oldest methods around and suitable for all hair types due to the bond being customised to suit. 

The keratin bond attachment once rolled is the size of a grain of rice making this method very discreet. 

Keratin bonds are worn for 3-4 months and then removed and a new set is required. You can have the bonds re-tipped and re-use if you have opted for the highest range hair. 

Keratin bonds are fitted by taking a section of hair, the flat tip bond placed under the strand of hair and heated with a small heating tool to melt. The melted bond is then rolled around the strands of hair to seal creating a cylinder bond. 


Available in Indian Remy and Russian Mongolian


Nano rings are an individual stranded method and the smallest available on the market. Nano rings are a no heat or adhesive method and fitted with a tiny silicone lined ring. 

Nano rings are fitted in around 2-3 hours depending on how many strands are fitted and require refits every 8-10 weeks depending on hair growth.

Nano rings are suitable for all hair types, even fine hair and are great to fill out shorter sides on a weave fitting.

Nano rings are fitted by taking a small section of hair, threading a nano ring onto the strand and placing the nano tip within the ring and clamping it shut to secure.