Consultations are 100% necessary if you are thinking about getting hair extensions. 

The consultation lets me assess your hair for the best method, length, grams and shade and it also gives you the chance to ask any questions. 

I am unable to give you a final price before a consultation as every head is different. 

The price lists are a guide price to give you an idea of costings for each range and method. 

Hair extensions are a bespoke service so one size doesn't fit all. 

A consultation can only be booked via the book now button and consultations are £10.00 and this is non refundable once booked. 

On your consultation I will go through the methods most suited, colour match your hair and advise of the prices for each suitable service.

You must attend your consultation with the colour you are happy having your extensions matched to. Please do not book a consultation before you are having your hair coloured as you will need to have another consultation to re colour match you.

Please do not attend a consultation with hair extensions in as I need to assess your natural hair. 

If you decide to go ahead with a fitting on your consultation you will be booked in on a day/time that suits you and you will need to pay a 50% non refundable booking fee to secure your fitting date. 

This can be paid via card payment or bank transfer. You may pay cash but I don't carry change in the salon so please bring the exact amount with you. 

Once you have paid your booking fee your hair is ordered so please be 100% happy to go forward as once the hair is ordered there are no refunds available. You may keep the hair but you will need to pay the full cost of the hair minus fitting. 

If you have recently given birth it is advised to wait 6 months for any post partum hair loss to subside. 

If you have any hair loss hair extensions would not be suitable until the loss has stopped.

Fitting Day

So what happens before your fitting? 

You have had your consultation and decided to get a beautiful new mane. 

The consultation was really important for us both to establish what you wanted to achieve. 

We have decided on a method, length, shade, thickness and hair type so once this has bee decided and hair ordered it has been locked in and cannot be please do not change your colour or use purple shampoo before fitting, please do not get your hair cut as both of these will affect the outcome of your extensions. 

If you change your hair colour then the extensions may not match and if you cut your hair you may need more hair to be fitted. 


On the day of your fitting! 

New hair day is here so there isn't a lot for your to do before your fitting. 

The most important things to do are arrive with freshly washed hair, dry and straight. 

Please do not arrive with unwashed hair as I will not be able to fit your extensions as they made slide due to oil/product build up. 

Avoid root sprays, dry shampoo, and leave in conditioners on the day of your fitting and just have your hair as clean as possible. 

What to expect after your appointment? 


Extensions are in and you look amazing with your new locks. 

It is now over to you to look after your hair. 

It will feel strange as you have added weight on your scalp. 

It may feel a little tight but please do not worry, the extensions are fitted at a safe distance from your scalp. 

Everyone has different sensitivities.

Leave your extensions for a few days to settle before you try and wash them and for you to get used to your new hair and it will be like they have always been there. 

I will never put tension on your natural hair so please do not. 

Avoid wearing high ponies and styles for the first few weeks. 

You will receive a full aftercare PDF sent to your email after you have booked your fitting.