The prices are a guide for you to give you a rough idea of what you'll pay for each method, length and weight. 

Unless you may not need as much hair as you think so the price will be lower or your hair is super thick and need more so the price may be higher, until you have had a consultation I will not be able to give a final price. 

Hair Types 

There are several different hair types to suit all hair textures and shades.

The Indian Remy/Russian price list is a combination of 2 suppliers in our gold range that suits all hair types. 


The below will explain more about the hair I use. 

Indian Remy 

Our luxury Indian Remy hair is like no other. 

It is amazingly thick from root to tip, soft and shiny,

It is a great affordable range for those who want long thick locks. 

A firm favourite for weave and bond wearers. 

It has a lifespan of 9 months with good aftercare. 

This range is available in Weave, Nanos and Bonds



This hair has the same lifespan as our Indian Remy hair 6-9 months.

Again it is thick, soft and shiny. 

This hair matches a finer, straighter texture but also suitable for a thicker hair.

This range is available in Weave, Nanos, Tapes & Bonds

Remi Cachet 

This platinum range is the highest quality hair available on the market. 

It is the longest lasting range which boasts a lifespan of 12-18 months depending on aftercare and shade. 

The wefts are flat wefts so they are flatter and more discreet. 

The tapes have an invisible root so you cannot tell you are wearing them and the nanos have a thread matched to your root so they are invisible in the hair. 

Although this may seem an expensive range the hair lasts so well that you won't need to keep replacing your hair and can be reused time and time again, 

This range is available in Flat Wefts, Invisible Tapes, Bonds & Tips.


Prestige Russian Mongolian 

Our Prestige Russian Mongolian range has a lifespan of 6-12 months. 

It is a Russian mix and is available in lengths 12-22". 

This hair is slightly finer than our platinum range, Remi Cachet.

This is our highest priced range but clients tend to get 12-18 months from the hair so the lifespan and quality outweighs the initial cost like the Remi Cachet range. 

This range is available in Flat Wefts, Tapes, Nanos & Bonds.