You will required to fill out a form with your details, any medication, previous extensions etc.

I'll assess your hairs condition to make sure it is suitable for hair extensions.

I will colour match your hair to the extension shade rings and match the texture.

Please ensure your hair is the colour you are happy with as your extensions will be matced to it.

This process is extremely important as this gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and for me to go over all information with you.

If you do decide to go ahead with a fitting a non refundable booking fee of 50% of the total service will be required to secure your fitting date.

The remaining balance is to be paid on the day of fitting.


You will need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo on the morning of your fitting.

Please use NO conditioner as this will create a build up and may cause the extensions to slip.

You must come to your fitting with clean, dry and straightened hair.


Please follow the aftercare instructions given below 



Each method has its pros and cons for each hair type.

Depending on whether your hair is fine, normal or thick.

To enable me to offer you the best method of hair extensions you will need to have a full consultation where I can assess your natural hair.

This will allow me to give you the best match for your hair


The extensions come in 12" - 24" in length with custom orders allowing to g up to 34"!


You receive the selected hair of your choice, fitting, cutting, blending and styling.


After you have had your extensions fitted you will not be able to wash your hair for 48 hours(bonds/tapes). This is so the keratin/tape has enough time to adhere. If you wash your hair before the suggested time your extensions may slip out.

Your hair /head may feel slightly tender after you have had extensions fitted.

This is due to the extra weight on your scalp and will die down once the extensions have settled.

You must not wear your hair tightly tied up, in a bun or a high pony. Your hair can be worn in a low pony, plaits etc, this is so you do not cause unnecessary tension on your roots.

Before washing your hair you must separate the extension bonds and rows/sections to remove any tangled hairs you may have. If you do not do this, your hair will matt and can cause damage.

You must brush your extensions before cleansing to ensure they are tangle free.

Tilt your head back and lightly massage the hair free of extensions and gently work down your head.

Do not scrub the roots or extensions as this will cause them to matt and tangle.

We only recommend the use of our shampoo, conditioner, heat protection and oil for the use of hair extensions. This shampoo has been tried and tested alongside our range of hair extensions. If these products are not bought or used then your extensions have no guarantee

Apply conditioner to the midlengths and ends only avoiding the roots. A deep conditioning treatment  is recommended weekly to refresh the hair and keep it at its best.

Please note hair extensions are 100% human hair, they are a natural raw product and can fade in colour/tone over the course of wear. If you find your extensions have faded/lost tone then there are things that can be done to rectify this. There is no refunds on hair that has faded over the course of wear.

Do NOT use any dandruff or high silicone products as this will reduce the life span of your extensions.

You must only wash your hair a maximum of 2-3 times per week for oily hair and 1-2 times a week for normal hair.

The more you wash your extensions the drier they become. This is because they are not attached to your scalp so are not getting any oils like your natural hair. 

The use of dry shampoo can be used sparingly in between washes but please wash all products out as it will cause a build up, make your extensions come out prematurely and irritate your scalp.


Once you have washed your hair you will need to gently pat the hair dry with a towel. Do NOT scrub the extensions as they will matt and tangle.

Do not tie your hair up in a towel as this will cause tension and matting/tangling.

Use the recommended heat protection.


Blow-dry your root area on a cool setting till dry and move down the hair as you go. Do not use a hot heat setting on the roots or extensions with tapes/nanos and bonds . Style as required.

If you are having a salon blow-dry then please inform them as they will need to use sulfate free products and ensure they do not pull and tug the extensions.

Please note there is a rise in  hair services including hair curling and blowdries, if you do opt to have your hair done by a non hairdresser then you take full responsibility for your hair and any damage. ​

Once the heat damage is done it is not reversible.


You must not leave your hair to dry naturally.

The bonds/tips/tapes will swell with moisture and prematurely shed.

You will need to pay for removal, retipping and refitting of the extension if this happens.

You also must not go to bed with your hair wet as your hair will matt and tangle.

The more heat you use on your extensions, the shorter the life span. As with all hair you must use the appropriate heat protection before drying and styling. Finish the hair with an oil. You can purchase both of these through me, I only recommend my aftercare products for your extensions.


You can colour the t-section and hairline of your hair, where there are no extensions fitted.

You must not colour anywhere near the roots/extensions.


The extensions must not be coloured, even though they are 100% human hair, the hair has been processed already and there are elements within colour that may effect the extensions.

If you colour the hair extensions then any guarantee will be null and void and you will need to pay for new hair, refitting and any removal.

You must NOT use silver/purple shampoo on extensions as they will take the tone extremely fast, silver shampoo is also very drying on hair. 

Beauty Works sell a purple mask that is specifically made for hair extensions and this can be used. 


To brush your extensions you will need a hair extension brush. Ideally a tangle teezer or bristle brush..

Before brushing you need to separate each individual extension to ensure there are no tangles, matts or knots at the root.

If you are wearing a weave then please ensure you flip the wefts to brush in-between.


When brushing you need to take a firm grip on your roots and brush from the bottom working your way up the hair once you have any knots etc. out.

This is to ensure there is no unnecessary tension on your roots.

If you pull on your hair this will pull your extensions out, which will take your natural hair with it.


Before bed you will need to do the above and then plait or braid the hair to ensure the hair does not knot, matt or tangle whilst you are asleep.

Do not sleep with your hair down or wet.


If you go swimming your hair must be up out of the way as the chlorine will dramatically effect the extensions.

If you do get your hair wet you must wash and condition the hair immediately when getting out of the pool to remove any chlorine. Please do not put ypur hair in a bun and leave it for the day.

If you decide to is go on holiday wearing your hair extensions I will not guarantee the hair. Hair extensions are a raw natural products and can fade especially in extreme heats.

Hair extensions are extremely high maintenance in the hot weather and can be damaged very quickly.

Blondes are especially volatile abroad as the chemicals and iron levels in the water can change the extensions into an orange colour.

If the extensions do tone to orange then you will need to purchase a Malibu C sachet to remove the tone.

Please tie your hair up when attending the gym and wash with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner after your session.

​Salt from sweat will effect the bonds so please ensure you wash your hair straight after.